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The Gist of It All.


My Work is a resultant culmination of my environment and surroundings. Combining interests in art and music, along with my lifelong foray into everything automotive, I've tried to envision things in different perspectives and add a little of me into everything I do.


Family before work, and responsibility before pleasure are my life's guidelines. They dictate my ambitions and world views and translate into my habits. Hopefully these can be seen transposed in my works; be they photography, music, artwork, or writings.  


My inspiration comes from those I love, and doing what I love to do. Life is too short to not stop and smell the roses, admire a spider's web, a sunrise or a sunset; a few extra, or a few less musical notes; an extra brushstroke; or modified punctuation. 


I owe my life to my Wife and Sons.


They make every day possible and invigorating, and make my soul smile. They are my Muses that make what I do always a pleasure, and never a "travail".


Skole, tak!!!



In front of, or behind an instrument, I am forever enraptured by music.

Musicians, like most artists, are a breed onto themselves. 


Transposing heart and thought  into the notes we hear, and the space in between the notes that make it live, breathe and sing to us.


A not-so-accomplished musician, I am content with what I play, and more elated to what I listen too.


Music, like people, is as varied and beautiful in all it's guises and walks.


You just have to listen.

Photographer & Writer.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all can convey the opposite.


Write, and illustrate a thought or a moment, capture an instance or an event, and tell the tale so that others can share in your conveyance. Language is beautiful when concisely rendered and put forth; and like music, and as in a photograph, always open to interpretation and opinion.


My works tend to convey the reality, and the positivity that makes your glass "half-full". Ever the eternal optimist, my inspirations come at the behest of those I hold around me.


Friends, Family, and Loved Ones. 

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