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Rik Roe September 2013


In Celebrating another earned and expected/unexpected birthday, I am happy to present the newest version of a website that showcases pieces that I am proud to present, of and with people that I am happy and grateful to have had the privilege to work with during my career.

I hope you enjoy the latest version of the site.

Feel free to let me know.


- Rik

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Latest projects

​September 2013

Upcoming highlights will focus on the development of RTISTS, and of a new project of


More news to come...

Please feel free to subscribe to any of my columns that you can find on my contact page.


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Constantly Evolving
Since 2005

Starting as Up North Per4mance, then adding Team Performance, and later RTISTS to the fold, our company has been growing and changing, evolving to what I've dreamt it would become.



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